Monday, January 21, 2013

Shabby Chic Textured Yarn Scaft - Tutorial

I saw a scarf like this on a lady at JoAnn's one day and knew I just had to have one for myself. I took photos of hers and off I went to the yarn department.

Any of you that crochet or knit know how pricey the fun, funky, bulky yarns can be.  Thank goodness, I had some on hand from old projects, just waiting to be used. I still had to buy several, but a having a few on hand saved a little money.

I also used up some of my regular worsted weight yarn. You know, the tiny little bits you don't want to trash, but are not quite sure what to do with them. Fillers for these scarfs! Use it up!

Here we go!

Using a yardstick, I measure two lengths (6 foot) of each yarn. The fancy, bulky, texture-y ones, I use two 6-foot strands in each scarf. The thinner ones I use three 6-foot strands in each scarf.

After cutting the 6-foot lengths of yarn, I lay them out on my bed (great surface because of length and can spread out the yarns).

I continue to measure, cut and lay out the pieces of yarn.

Of the bulky, texture-y, thick yarns, I use two strands. The less thick and bulky ones, I use three strands.

The scarves I make have at least 18-20 different yarns of these textures. This makes for a fun scarf. Remember, that would equal to about 36-50 strands total.

Then I break out the plain ol' worsted weight yarn partial skeins I have stashed for "some day I will use that."

I measure 6-foot lengths of probably 25-30 of the worsted yarns. Then mix them into my texture yarns laying out on the work surface.

Next, I grab the bunch of yarn just below one end, and let the yarns dangle down toward the floor.

As the yarns dangle, I run my fingers through it to make sure none of the yarns are bunched up.

Once all the strands are straight and un-knotted with each other, then tie a knot at the end you are holding. Tighten the knot to leave tails of about 6-8" long, depending on how long you like the tails.

Then divide the scarf into three sections and braid loosely.

Knot the other end

Trim both ends to be somewhat even. Ta-da! It's done!

If you have any questions, or these directions are "clear as mud", please don't hesitate to email me for more information.

All of the chunky, thick, fancy yarns I had left over were cut into 12-18 foot pieces and I have put them together into sets of 15 different yarns. I have them in my Etsy store as "start-me" sets. These are for anyone that would love to have one of these Shabby scarfs, don't want to pay retail price, but also don't want to have to spend a small fortune buying so many different yarns(or don't already have them) to make your own.

A fun way to wear this scarf is to tuck one end into the braid, this also keeps it from trying to shift around on your neck.

Have fun!


  1. Great Job, Amy. That is a really cool looking scarf and looks like it is easy to make. Thanks for posting!

    Sandy Allen

  2. AWESOME! I do not knit or crochet so this is perfect for me!!! I've pinned this. I am a new follower. I host a linky party on Friday at my Diana Rambles blog. I'd love to have you join us!

  3. I'm with Diana! I don't knit or crochet either and love the easiness of this piece! Pinning it, cause it just rocks!

  4. What a great way to use up a yarn stash. I can't wait to sort through mine this weekend! Thanks for sharing.