Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Past Four Months...Part 3

Next post from Seventy-five Sixteen blog.

Original post date December 8, 2016.

Onward and Upward

Well, not really upward. We headed south.

Rutherfordton NC to Laredo TX.

Let me tell you!!! Rutherfordton NC is a beautiful, quaint OLD town!!!! Why in the world I didn't take tons of photos is beyond me. (bangs head on table). I guess I was still so new at this OTR thing and being on the road. Don't worry, I definitely have made up for the lack of photos at the beginning of this adventure.

We did see that the town was established in 1870. EIGHTEEN SEVENTY, people!!!! This land has seen battles and many generations. Hard to fathom!

Oh and just lovely! At one of the truck stops where we stopped for fuel and a break...some do-do keyed our truck :-( Dumb a$$

All in all, not a bad trip. Even caught a beautiful sunset.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Past Four Months...Part 2

This is the first post from our blog, Seventy-five Sixteen. It would have been entirely about our lives on the road.

Original Date 12/6/16.

The First Load

Pryor OK to Morristown TN.

We hauled asphalt roofing paper. I felt terrible for Robert, as he was having to tarp in crazy winds that day. Finally a gentleman working at the shipper realized the struggles and got us into a warehouse. Imagine that...once out of the wind and tarping was done in no time!

The pyramid in the photo with Robert is a Bass Pro Shop in Nashville. We hope to get there one day!

The Past Four Months...Part 1

I spent the last four months riding in a semi truck with Robert while he drove. He started with a new company and we decided we would pack up everything I would go on the road with him. I was so excited to travel and see the country!

It was a nightmare the entire time. Some times worse than others. It ended up that they had him driving a truck without a valid registration or current insurance.  Long, long story, but we made the decision to come off the road and be home in Amarillo. We arrived back home January 28, 2017 and Robert started a new job the following Tuesday.

I started a new blog about our experiences but didn't get many posts done before things got the worst. I decided I will move those few posts over here one at a time.

I took so many amazing photos during those months, and I will share many of those, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Little Bottle of Gold!

Hot flashes are MISERABLE!!! If you don't have them or are not to the menopausal time in your life (whether by Mother Nature or by surgery), just wait. Your day is coming!

I was on HRT, but my doctor told me I needed to be coming off the hormones soon, because of my age. Well due to some financial issues and no health insurance, I stopped them on my own. I was on the patch and they were very expensive with no insurance. This was about a year ago. It also wasn't the first time I had to stop the HRT because of finances, so I had been on a roller coaster. Anti-depressant helps, for sure, but doesn't stop the hot flashes much at all.

Fast forward to last fall (2016). I have been a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils for almost 2 years. I am still learning so much and definitely love using the essential oils we use on a regular basis. There is always more and more to learn, too!

I did research on the Progessence Plus Serum and was happy with what I had found and heard on videos. So I ordered a bottle around Thanksgiving. I held on to that bottle for over a month before I decided to use it. Now I wish I wouldn't have waited!

Hot flashes are GONE! Moody-ness very, very well maintained. I am overall just feeling different...better.

I posted on Facebook about how much I love Progessence and told my friends I would share a video on how I apply it. Here ya go!

As I mentioned in my video, I am a distributor for Young Living, Robert is as well. We signed up in order to get our products at the wholesale price and to be able to share with others. We are not required to sell *so much* product each month, in fact we aren't required to sell ANY! We signed on, got our start up kit ($160 with well over $250 in products) and never looked back. We get 24% off retail of anything we purchase for our own use.

Here is the link to order Progessence Plus, and if you use distributor number 3799900 when you order, we will get a small commission.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!