Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Maybelline

Those readers that have been reading my blog or on Facebook with me know that I adore the Serama breed of chicken. Love, love, love! Seramas are the worlds smallest breed of chicken. Yes, a bantam, but not like any other bantam (or large breed) of chicken you will ever encounter.

I have had several on different occasions, either had to re-home them in the past or they have crossed that Rainbow Bridge.

On September 29, the most precious, loving and all around special little Serama pullet hatched at my house.

Maybelline - 4 days old

Maybelline is from the Castle Delight Seramas line. I have waited a long time to have some eggs from my friend, Laura, and finally I have a little pullet!

Maybelline - 5 days old

She arrived on this earth with a special sweetness about her. An immediate attachment to me. I have adored all of the Seramas I have hatched, but Maybelline found a place in  my heart that no other chickens have.

Maybelline - 12 days old

When she hatched and was brown. I thought maybe, just maybe, I would finally have a chocolate colored chicken.

Maybelline - 34 days old

She didn't stay brown, but I love her all the same. One day I will have some chocolate chickens! Until then, Maybelline lives in the house, in a very large cage. She was living with a pair of Seramas I had hatched from other lines, but they weren't nice to her at all, and now live elsewhere. David and I both decided they had to go, Maybelline is too sweet and special to have to live with bullies.

Maybelline - 2 months old

The photo above was when Felicity was home from school after she had her tonsils removed. Maybelline acts like one of the dogs. I let her out of her cage at least once a day and she wanders around the family room, but mostly wants in someone's lap to hang out.

This video isn't great, but you can hear how she responds to me. All of the other chickens I have had never have done this. She does it all the time.

Maybelline - 3 months old
She is really learning to pose for the camera, eh?

Maybelline - 3 months old - Jan 3, 2012
She's an awfully special little girl.

Now, to just get more eggs and hatch Maybelline some cage mates :-)


  1. Awww! Maybelline is so cute! I don't know much about Seramas but they sound like a very interesting breed. I love the video of her talking to you! Chicken cuddles are the best :)

    Visiting from Tilly's Nest.

  2. Thats one special chicken you got there.She's a keeper.

  3. A woman after my own heart! Maybalinne reminds me of a batam hen I had years ag0. She got named Maynard before we knew she was a pullet. She loved to to come and sit on your lap and follow us around too. Thanks for you sharing your story with everyone. Loved it!

  4. Do you really have a chicken in your
    house? I'd give anything to raise
    chickens but my HOA will not allow
    it... Such a sweetie!

  5. What a sweet girl. They have a very regal look. I love the way chickens respond to us. Of course some better than others but I swear mine are talking to me in their little chicken banter.

  6. Wow - she's so cute. What a sweet little girl.

  7. Oh lucky you to have such a beautiful and special chicken as a pet!

  8. Now this is one pet I've never experienced!!!