Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reduce asthma symptoms - Raw Milk

This is an issue that is close to my heart. I was diagnosed with asthma as a baby. I have dealt with it all of my 46 years. It is not fun, nor do I wish it on anyone, even my worst enemies.

I have planned to make the switch to raw milk for our family, but there is only one dairy farm anywhere around here. They have a milk share program, it's just been difficult to get on board due to timing, etc., but....

***JANUARY 16, 2013!!! We started today with our first pick-up of raw milk!!! I am so excited! Fresh raw milk, fresh butter, yogurt, sour cream, soft cheeses. I am in milk heaven!!!***



  1. Excited for you, wish I had one near me too :)

    1. I have been waiting for four years to start this! The original dairy in our area that I started with shut down, and it took a bit to find this one.

  2. Boy I miss raw milk. We grew up drinking nothing else, it did help that we had a milk cow. I never thought about it but none of us had any breathing difficulties, now I do. Thanks for your post.