Thursday, March 22, 2012

Treating a chicken with crook neck

Our shipment of American Barred Holland biddies arrived today. I so love this breed! They are critically endangered and make a wonderful choice for small farms.

To learn more about this breed(and many others), head over to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

This is the direct link to Hollands.

One of our new babies has crook neck. Here is my video to show you what I have learned in treating this condition.


  1. I have never even heard of that condition before!

  2. I haven't heard of this either. Good information.

    Thanks for linking up to Rural Thursdays, Amy. :)

  3. What a dedicated chicken raiser - I love to see all of the effort you made to help Nellie out! (I had to click over and see her update; so glad she is doing okay still.) I have a call duck with a crooked neck; she's 9 months old now and has a permanent sideways look to her, but now I know exactly what to do if that ever occurs again. Definitely bookmarking this page.

  4. Oh gosh thanks so much for sharing this! I haven't yet experienced having chicks but this is invaluable knowledge. Having watched it work once on an older bird means that when you give updates on this one it's more likely to have a happy ending --and I will definitely be coming back to see that! (I have already had heartbreak with animals so many times that my courage and confidence levels are not there. If I were in this situation and seen your efforts I would worry about so much yogurt being likey to cause the runs or something and be afraid to try!)
    Having you online like this is like having a neighbor to run to when I'm clueless - thanks so much for sharing the experience. I sure hope it works!

  5. Great Video to Treat Crook Neck, Typically Duck do not eat till Day two. So it is most likely not a Vitamin Issue, It could be genetic, Or I have had ducks get insured in shipment when sent,When this small it sometimes can be straightened out to a point that is non life threatening, Great Video demonstrating how to treat ! TY