Monday, January 14, 2013

Chickens and water


This was my own fault. I will not go into it. Did I cry? You betcha I did.

Please do not leave water in an open trough or bucket where your chickens can have access to it.

It is bad news for the chickens.

On the better side, when I walked up on this scene, there was an additional Buff Orpington chick in the water, gasping for air, almost lifeless. I ran and grabbed it out of the water, sat down with it in my hand and put it under a heat lamp so that it would warm basically from the inside out.

As she would gasp, I would hang her with her head dangling down, so as her lungs opened up, water would run out. It worked! After doing this a few times, she stopped the gasping and then went into making all kinds of sounds and songs. I am guessing this was her way of clearing out her lungs and air passages more.

Then I wrapped her up and held her close to me so she could get warmer on the outside and also dry. She made some of the prettiest noises...maybe she was thanking me for saving her life.

I was with her, holding her and petting her and talking to her for probably an hour or a little more. I unwrapped her and sat in the sun with her. She began reaching for my finger to hold with her feet. I sat like this with her probably another 15-20 minutes. Then I decided to try to see if she could or would walk.

She made it!
This happened in June, 2012.


  1. Oh, how heartbreaking this must have been for you! Thank you for sharing your experience and warning the rest of us. I'm so glad you were able to save the one little chick. She's lucky you were there!


  2. Oh, Sweety, thank you for turning this sad day into a reminder for the rest of us.


  3. We had a similar tragedy a few years back when our brooder room in the back of our barn flooded thru a freakish rain storm and my good husbandry in sealing all the cracks of the wooden area only to find the concrete foundation leaked. The whole of the storm poured off our really large barn and funneled into the back room. Our 100- 3 day old chicks were on the floor surrounded by concrete and wood which swelled to seal further any cracks. We were in town for the storm and after checking everyone when we got home we found one lone survivor. Worse was seeing and knowing they had literally drown each other to climb up on them to try to live. We learn so from our tragedys though and today no water can get in that room from outside unless we have a Colorado Hurricane. Thanks for educating others on the dangers. This happens alot on chickens who roam the barns too I hear.

  4. OH no :( That is so sad, but glad you could save one.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss...that is horrible :( I would like to have you join The HomeAcre Hop to help spread awareness at: