Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Girl and Buddy have arrived!

Baby Girl and Buddy, goats that were given to us by some friends, joined our village (farm) yesterday! They are Boer goats. Baby Girl is about 14 months old and she is blind, but you'd never guess it. Buddy is about 18 months old and very protective of his sweet girl.

Baby Girl is on the left, Buddy on the right. They are unusually small for their breed. Baby Girl is about the size of a Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy and, as you can see, Buddy isn't much larger.

 Our cats and dogs aren't quite sure what to think. Here's Sweet Pea taking a closer look.

Smokey is terribly unhappy. Not only did the goats arrive yesterday, but Friday, I brought home a new kitten. It's still undetermined if we will keep the kitten. We have three cats, so what's another when you live on a farm, right? Mike says no more cats. We'll see :-)

We are excited to have the goats. They will be loved and spoiled as much as they were at their previous home. The kids are thrilled and Gregory has been outside all morning with them. We weren't *in the market* for goats quite yet, and are more interested in other breeds, but they were offered to us and we thought that it might be a good start with goats. The kids can get used to caring for and playing with them, since they are small and we'll see how it goes from there. If we enjoy them as much as I am sure we will, then we will add some more at a later time.

Windy Memorial Day

To all that have fought for our freedom, including my husband, Mike; Thank you!

What are you doing this Memorial Day? We are praying for rain and for the insane winds to finally stop. It is always pretty windy here in the Texas Panhandle in the spring. Normally, by now, the really high winds are gone for the summer. This year has been so different. As I look out the window, the winds are blowing around 35-40 mph, with gusts around 50 mph. It's just awful!

Yesterday there were several wildfires in our area. The worst one (photo above) was in the neighborhood where we lived when first moving to Amarillo. The insane winds make the fires so much worse because they can get out of control in a matter of minutes.

Please say a prayer for all of us experiencing drought; that God will send his glorious rain to us.

Happy Memorial Day Monday.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inside tour of our little home

Here's some photos of the inside.

It's small, but quite cozy. Later this summer, we will be doing a complete remodel/updating on the kitchen and bathrooms.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to our little farm

Just wanted to share some photos of our new place. The outside, at least. I will share photos of the inside in a day or two.

Oh and don't laugh at the cinder blocks on the roof. The previous owner was paranoid that the metal roof would blow off in our crazy winds and we just haven't taken them down to see the condition of the roof yet.

The house is an older manufactured home. We plan to upgrade to a new manufactured home within the next year.

We have 1.17 acres of land.

We are happier here than any other place we've lived since moving to the Amarillo area.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fresh eggs and chickens

I managed to find a cord so I could download photos from my camera, finally.

This morning, I washed up our first dozen fresh eggs from the hens! What a wonderful thing to be supplying some of our own food now.

I have many things to catch up here on my blog, but wanted to share some photos of our sweet chickens. Of course, our Seramas are our favorites. Seramas have such wonderful personalities and make fantastic pets!

This is Roosevelt. He's the most amazing fella!

This is Eleanor. She and Roosevelt are our original pair of Serama that we hatched January 2, 2010.

Now I have to tell you about this next little man. His name is Travis. Eleanor hatched him on Dec. 29 and he was the only egg to hatch, so he got LOTS of handling and attention. He is rotten to the core. He thinks he is a house pet. When someone opens the back door, he starts running from the barn toward the house. He ALWAYS wants to be sitting in my lap. I just love this little man to death.

Darla has been sitting on one egg for nearly three weeks, so I am expecting a new baby Serama any day. So excited!

 When we moved in, the seller left his two hens for us. We named them Agnes and Hazel. We think they are around 5 years old, but just not sure. The day we moved in, the neighbors' dog got them and traumatized them. We didn't get any eggs until this past week. Now they are laying eggs like crazy. Here's a photo; Agnes on the left and Hazel on the right. Not too easy to see them, but they are getting more tame every day.

This is a Black Crested White Polish baby chick. It is 5 weeks old. Isn't it cute? Right now I call it *Mohawk* but we will come up with something more appropriate. We have two more of these chicks, they are 3 weeks old.

Gotta run for now, just wanted to put up a quick post. Have a great weekend!