Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicken Breed Information

Today I want to share with you the link for the most comprehensive list of chicken breeds and their info that is on the web. At least of which I am aware.

It is my go-to page so many times when I am wondering about a specific breed.

These are the precious Seramas that I hatched and raised. This was taken in April 2010, when they were three months old. They have all since gone (all under different circumstances) and I miss them dearly.


  1. Have you chosen which breed you are going to choose? Here in New Zealand we have a rare breed list - when our chicken go (all in retirement) I'm going to be choosing a rare breed.
    Love Leanne

    1. Hi Manda! Welcome to my blog!

      Yes, I have tried working on Barred American Hollands for the past couple of years, but my flock has been killed twice by neighbor dogs. This year, they have put up an electric fence and I will once again get some. I also want to work on the Chantecler (white), as well.