Friday, November 11, 2011

Progress - Day 8

I wish I had better news on the hatching front.

The 14 eggs that turned into 17 eggs in the incubator the following day. I let the Seramas out last Friday for fresh air, and lost another girl. I had 3 of her eggs saved up to sell, so I just added them to the incubator.

I candled night before last. Awful, awful progress.

If you look toward the upper left side of this egg, you can see the veining of this little baby!!!

So, here's the stats in a nutshell. Only 1 egg from any of the girls I had even began starting to develop, but stopped and has a blood ring. Of the 8 eggs I got from my friend (whose flock was from my original three), there is now only 3 developing. A couple had broken air-sacks from the shipping, others ended as blood rings.

I am so disappointed. I had such high hopes for this hatch. I have watched the incubator like a Momma bird. Not opening it, temps and humidity have been amazingly perfect. It's impossible to hatch eggs that were never fertile to begin with, though.

I have more eggs coming from my friend Laura, of Castle Delight Seramas at the end of the month, so I am hoping for a better success.

My now only 4 Seramas are all living in the house right now. We will be building accommodations for them outside eventually, so they can get plenty of exercise, fresh air and be totally safe.

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  1. Sorry about the losses. Hope that the next eggs are all fertile and develop!!