Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keeping It Real

I am joining in with Crunchy Catholic Mama this evening with her new weekly linky.  It is nearly 7:00pm and this is my kitchen. Laundry should have been complete yesterday, but the afternoon got crazy and I haven't felt well today. Dishes are Felicity's responsibility, with which she has a lot of issues taking care of.

So why don't you join in with Keeping It Real? Head on over and show us your "Keeping It Real" room of the week.


  1. Love it, thanks for joining me : )

  2. Now see this is real,people can't have a emmaculate home 24/7 I don't care who they are.If they are then I think it's called being a slave to your home.No I won't do it.I don't have help to clean mine because I don't have children except one son back east so its up to me to get some things done.Hubstead works 6 days a week.He sleeps on Sundays.So yeah keep it real cause God knows I do.