Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Triple fail

This week I have to start over on my sourdough starter, celery and onion re-starts.

I completely forgot to feed my sourdough starter twice in a row. Gotta toss it out and start over.

The celery re-start has a few tiny leaves showing in the center, but they have done nothing in a week. I have kept it watered, its in sunlight outdoors, but just not doing anything. I will try this again, eventually.

Green onions...I was afraid they wouldn't do anything and they didn't. They have shriveled up and died. I cut them off much shorter than any of the tutorials suggest. A definitely do-over, too.

When David gets home on R&R in May, we will be making a trip back to our hometown of Leesville, LA again. I will likely wait until I return from that trip to do these projects again.

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