Friday, March 9, 2012

My first grandchild - Madeline Jeaux

She is now 10 days old and I am finally posting about her. Goodness, that's not a very good start to being a Grandmother, is it?

Presenting Madeline Jeaux, born 2/29/2012 (12:15am), 6lb 7oz, 18.75" long. She is so beautiful!

My daughter, Katie and her husband Matthew. Right after Madeline was born via c-section.

Just a few minutes old, in the nursery being cleaned up.

Here's Maddie with Katie the morning she was born.

Maddie with me on the day she was born. I am still trying to decide on what name for my grandchildren to call me. Don't want's too typical. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments :-)

Matthew and Maddie. I just love this shot. He didn't even know I took it.

Felicity and Maddie.

Madeline Jeaux

This was taken on Monday.

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  1. Thanks for stopping at my blog. Congratulations on Madeline! She is beautiful. We become first time Grandparents in October to Alaina Jo. We are just loving it and take care of her every chance we get!