Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet Miss Nellie and kicked crook neck butt

The little American Barred Holland pullet with crook neck now has a name. I have named her Nellie, as in "Needy Nellie".

If you haven't watched my video from 2 days ago showing how bad Nellie had crook neck, you should view it before you read further. The post is here.

For 56 hours straight, Nellie has not been out of my hands, except for brief times that Felicity took over. She sleeps with me at night, in the small of my neck buried in my hair...all.night.long. She has been to McDonalds, W*lmart, Lowes, Tractor Supply and to the lot where we are looking to purchase a new modular home.

I decided that today I would start grinding up chick starter food and putting the powder in her vitamin/yogurt mixture.

We put all of our other biddies outside in the yard this afternoon for sunshine and fresh air. I was sitting on the ground, watching them scratch around and climb all over my lap. Then I decided to put Nellie on the ground to see what she would do. She did amazingly well! She even ate some chick food from in front of her!  She held her head up wonderfully, though it would get tired and start to crook again some. Her legs are also weak from not being used much.

Now I know I have cured her of crook neck and it's on to physical therapy to strengthen her neck and legs.

Enjoy these photos I snapped while she was outside today.

You can see that she was getting tired. She is back in my hands and we will have more biddy "pt" tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks, Amy, for showing what you are doing for this little chick. I hope she pulls through!