Thursday, March 8, 2012

Once a chicken Momma

it's so hard not to be a chicken Momma.

I completely caved! After re-homing all of our chickens during the winter, I said there would be no more.

Well maybe I meant until spring...

There is just no sense in fighting it, I love having chickens. They are so fun as biddies, and the fresh eggs are to die for when they start laying.

Tractor Supply is now having their "Chick Days", as they do this time every year. Friday, I just couldn't resist stopping to see the precious baby chickens they had.

I wanted egg layers, but Felicity wanted bantams (pets, of course). The minimum chick purchase is 6, so I got three "red pullets" and she picked three bantams.

I am so happy to have chickens again. I must keep myself within limits, though. These will be it for new baby chickens, at least for a little while :-)

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