Monday, June 6, 2011

Why use paper towels?

Do you use paper towels? Here's a tidbit of information you might find interesting.

As I was reading Diana's blog, she posted this:

"The following facts have been floating around in the twittering/blogging world. Check them out.

Fact: About 900,000,000 trees are required to feed America's paper consumption each year, according to the Clean Air council.

Fact: With over 90% of US households taking the advantage of the convenience of paper towels, we produce over 3,000 tons of waste each day."

PAPER TOWELS! Good grief! That's insane! We've used cloth napkins in our house for over 10 years, just because I prefer cloth to paper. I even try to use re-usable wipes for cleaning up messes, etc. I do buy paper towels, but only for the messiest of messes. One roll of paper towels can last us a month or more. I'd love to give them up for good, eventually.

I make my own re-usable (un)paper towels by cutting 12x12 inch pieces of flannel and just serging around the edges. That's it. They last forever! I keep a stack by my kitchen sink and use them as I used to use paper towels. The only time I use paper towels is for really yucky messes, such as draining greasy foods. I just toss them in the wash with the towels. I buy flannel when it is on sale really cheap, or when I can find remnants.

Do you use paper towels? Do these statistics surprise you? I wonder if there will be any tree left on our Earth for my grand-children or great grand-children?

Take a look around on this link, you just may be surprised.

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