Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's a beautiful morning

We have had many rough mornings around here for the past week. Timothy obviously isn't a morning person and throwing in an additional person to our morning mix has been a bit difficult.

Today. Today has been amazing, though! Everyone woke in a good mood. Breakfast was eaten with no issues. Mike and Gregory got out the door five minutes early! That's what I call a beautiful morning! I won't say that things have gone completely swimmingly since Timothy arrived. Of course, we are all going through an adjustment stage. There were a few really rough days the end of last week and the weekend. Yesterday, though, seemed to be a bit of a turning point. At least I hope so.

Felicity and Gregory love having Timothy here. Felicity tends to want to play the third parent in correcting Timothy, so we have to watch that and remind her that he only needs two parents. Otherwise, as usual with other kids, Felicity is wonderful with Timothy. Gregory likes having a friend around his own age, though Timothy is intellectually much closer to the correct age of 7 than is Gregory. They still do well together.  Timothy gets frustrated with Gregory because Gregory cannot pronounce Timothy's *real* name correctly yet. We continually explain to Timothy that Gregory's mouth just doesn't work exactly right and he does the best he can. Some days with that are better than others.

So we continue on. We are looking forward to our meeting with the new prospective foster-to-adopt son next week and the July 4th weekend.

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