Sunday, June 12, 2011

The first few days

It's been a crazy busy couple of days since Timothy arrived. It was late on Thursday evening when the case workers arrived with him. By the time we got all the paperwork done, got him bathed and in bed, it was nearly 11:00pm. Friday was a nice day. His initial doctor's visit went just fine, although he has a sinus infection. Thankfully nothing serious.

Saturday we spent the day car shopping and buying. We now are the owners of my first "Mommy-mobile". We bought a 2009 Dodge Caravan and are loving all the space! After that was all said and done, we took the kids to the park, then home for dinner that had been cooking in the crock pot all day. After baths, stories and prayers, another late night, bed at 10:00pm. We had one issue/melt-down Saturday, but it wasn't anything that we weren't prepared for and were able to handle.

Church this morning was perfect! Timothy was a perfect little guy. He did keep asking when we would be done, but he accepted "in a few minutes" and was fine. BUT after church was another story. I've learned very quickly that when Timothy is tired, he is determined to make life a living he**. He gets very irritable, fussy and nearly inconsolable. Mike and Felicity are working today at the new performing arts theater, so I am alone with Gregory and Timothy. Before Mike and Felicity were to leave, we realized quickly that I would have a miserable day at home all day with both boys. Timothy was getting very grumpy and argumentative. We decided I would go into town, too, and do something with the boys. I took them to McDonalds and that helped Timothy's demeanor a bit. I decided we would take a "Sunday drive" and I pretty much thought he would go to sleep. It worked! After an hour in the car, driving to Vega, TX and back to our house, he had taken a nap nearly an hour long and has been fine since.

We are thrilled so far, at how things are going with Timothy. Mike and I both expected far worse than we have seen with him. After reading his files and reports, we expected a child similar to Gregory, with little speech and very picky eater. He speaks very well, eats anything I put in front of him and reads far better than we anticipated. It was almost not worth reading all the reports from all the different people in his past, as it seems they are more personal opinions than facts, which stinks.

Everyone have a wonderful rest of the day!

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