Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Staples in your kitchen

In my pursuit to get further and further away from processed foods and eating out too much, I am making a list of the staples I feel I need to keep in my kitchen. These are items to do as much *scratch* cooking and baking as I can.

After reading through my list, please feel free to comment with any items you include on your staples list that I haven't listed. Any tips are so welcomed, too!

all-purpose flour
whole wheat flour
granulated sugar
brown sugar
powdered sugar
white vinegar
apple cider vinegar
baking soda
baking powder
olive oil
lard (and/or shortening)
evaporated milk
powdered milk
pepper corns
corn starch
pasta (we use vermicelli and egg noodles the most)
yellow mustard
salad dressing (miracle whip)
bread crumbs
saltine crackers (yes, they are staples at our house)

So what have I missed?


  1. I would also add cocoa, cream of tartar, plain gelatin, coarse/kosher salt, ground pepper, extracts, lemon juice, broths, dried beans, rice, nuts, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, spices frequently used (like basil or Italian herb mix), balsamic vinegar, frozen fruits & veggies (I like to buy reduced price veggies and freeze them and I always have a variety of fruits for recipes and smoothies), dried onion soup mix, eggs and butter.

    We make a lot of TexMex foods, so my staples also include chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, oregano, and green chilies.

    In addition, there are some foods that I buy every big grocery trip that are handy for a variety of quick meals...bananas, lettuce, baby spinach, carrots,, celery, bell peppers, onions, potatoes, grapes, strawberries...and anything else in season.

  2. Mine are pretty much all the ones you have listed and also a few that Shelly posted above.

    I buy veggies every time I get groceries.

    I think some of my must haves are definitely, eggs, milk, flour and sugar.

  3. Excellent list of staple foods, thanks for linking up at Unwasted Homemaking :)!

  4. We eat a lot of tacos, burritos, etc. so our staples include flour and corn tortillas. They are so cheap and easy to store. I have made whole wheat tortillas, but the work involved is so much more than I want to do all the time.

  5. thanks for the awesome list I am copying it and placing it in my binder come visit me at

  6. We always have dried beans - garbanzo, kidney, navy etc. on hand. They cook up easily (though not necessarily quickly) in the slow cooker. Way less sodium than you get with canned beans. We also stock cans of stewed tomatoes - there's many a meal here that begins with a can of tomatoes!

  7. I enjoyed reading your list and the comments with more items. I, too, am trying to remove processed foods from my pantry and replace them with healthier choices. Takes time but well worth the extra work it sometimes brings.