Monday, December 5, 2016

In the age of electronics

Books vs. e-readers.

In my life, I am very guilty of collecting or acquiring things. Books are no different than the fabric, yarn and craft supplies I keep.

Until last summer, I honestly don't know how many books I owned. Boxes and boxes, for sure. I had a living estate sale and sold or donated many of my books, I kept my absolute favorites and the others, if I thought I would one day read it, or if a craft book use it, I put them on my wish list for Kindle, or bought them if free.

I had to make a decision to reduce stuff, and unfortunately books are stuff, and take up space.

I can get just as much enjoyment reading on my Kindle as holding a "real life" book, and it helps me by reducing the amount of *stuff* I have around. me.

Kindle Paperwhite

I love my Kindle and the number of free books that Amazon offers sometimes is just crazy! I love sharing the free e-books here when I come across them, so be sure to take a look often!

Happy Monday and welcome back to my blog!

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