Monday, December 5, 2016

Making a rag rug

How I spent my Sunday afternoon...doing some of my favorite things; reading magazines and creating!

I have such a HUGE fabric stash, I decided to try my hand at turning some of my fabric into some rag rugs for our house.

I have found several methods to make them, but since I crochet, I decided to try that method first.

Using a "P" crochet hook for this project.The only stitches involved with this are chain and single crochet. I am not a great teacher, but here is my quick tutorial for you.

I pulled some random fabrics from my stash. No rhyme or reason, just pulled some that I though there was enough of to make enough strips to make it around the rug a couple to a few times.

I cut my strips at about 1.5 inches in width. I just used two fingers as a guide for the first few snips, then "eyeballed" the rest.

I tore complete yardage pieces into a pile of strips so they would all be ready to use.

This video was quite helpful. I also enjoyed her introduction.

I did not make mine the exact 27 chain stitches as in the video above, I don't remember how many I did, but it doesn't really matter. The size is all up to you.

The corners are not as complicated or tricky as I anticipated without having an exact pattern to follow. I found that if I needed to "stretch" to get to the next strip, it was time to do 2 single croc
het stitches to increase.

These are two rugs I made from vintage bed sheets.


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