Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes, I bought fabric....

This time for a special project. I am starting on Monday, June 25, on a "Quilt for an Hour" project with my friend, Judy from Patchwork Times.

Once we are in the new house and all of my boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes {oh and tubs!} of fabric.... (get the picture?) are finally unpacked and organized, I won't be buying fabric for a long time.

Yesterday I hit a gold mine! I was at my local Supercenter and found gorgeous fabrics on clearance for $2 and $3 a yard! I wasn't really looking, but a couple just jumped out at me for this project. I ended up finding several in a collection and picked them. I pretty much never buy fabric from the Supercenter for quilts...but this fabric is so nice and thick and wonderful quality. I figured "what the heck" and headed to the cutting table. There were 2 of the collection that I didn't get. I ended up with one that I bought that I won't use in this project, though.

Here's a cut out section of Judy's image to show what fabric will go where:

Source: Patchwork Times
Here is my swatch sheet. (Thanks, Judy, for providing this. It helped tons!)

These are the fabrics at a closer look. The first photo is the fabrics I got at the Supercenter. The second photo, I got at JoAnn's.

I haven't decided which fabric I will use for my binding. I bough extra of all of them, so there will be plenty left for the binding.

Here's the link to the Quilt for an Hour over at Judy's place. Head on over for all of the details and join in with us on Monday, June 25!


  1. These are beautiful fabrics!

  2. Your fabrics will make a wonderful version of Nicole's Sofa !Quilt.