Sunday, June 24, 2012

Forced to slow down

Friday...I was so excited! I had a lawn crew coming to finally get this 1.18 acres of jungle under control for me. THEN I had so many plans for the weekend. Finish the afghan for our grand-son due to arrive any day, finally get my raised bed garden put in before it's too late, catch up on laundry, SEWING!!!!.

These images are after 24 hours post-fall. all was a dream. When the lawn people were here, I had gone outside to talk with them, then headed into the house. The back "stairs from he!!" got me. once and for all.  They are the worst steps I think I may have ever seen in my life. They are welded steel and very steep. I have tripped, stumbled, many times since moving here 14 months ago. Here we are...just a couple of weeks away from them being gone and WHAM! I started up the stairs, then my hand was screaming...not certain how it even transpired.

My hand is broken in two places. I see the Orthopedist on Thursday, so then I will know all of the future details.

Obviously there is no crocheting or knitting any time soon. My daughters are helping as much as I force them to they can around the house and garden. Sewing/quilting, I will be able to do before anything else, but that will be quite a while, too, I am sure. So much for the baby projects I planned to do this weekend.

It could have been so much worse, I am aware, but right now, I am pretty down about being halted in my tracks. Those dumb stairs!

It is for sure I have plenty of time now for computer work (one handed) and reading and watching movies.


  1. So sorry your hand is broken! Hope it gets better soon so you can get everything done! Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Oh Amy, you poor thing. I hope you heal fully and quickly.

  3. Oh dear! Hope your hand heals quickly!

  4. Tough break! I know how difficult it is to have a book full of chores and wind up incapacitated! I recommend getting a kindle if you don't have one, and pamper yourself until it heals. Who knows when you may have this opportunity again? Best wishes!

  5. Oh, so sorry about this. I too am in a similar situation. Taking care of grandkids, one living with me, garden, cement work, well, lots of things. I was rebatching soap, and got distracted, forgot to unplug it and stuck my finger in the blades. Still don't know if I'll get feeling back into my finger. For some reason, now I want to go to the beach and the pool, and I can't. I can type at least, but without that finger. They are estimating initial healing, six weeks, then six mos. to figure out total future use. Uggg!
    So why was I looking at yarn today? I have no idea. LOL!