Thursday, July 28, 2011

New additions at the farm

On Saturday, I went out to the barn and remembered I better check on Hazel. Hazel is one of the chickens that the previous owner of our house left for us. She had been sitting on eggs and I didn't think any would hatch. Travis, our tiny little Serama rooster really likes she and her sister, Agnes, but I never dreamed we would have babies. I was wrong!

In all her glory! Four new little babies! There were five that hatched, but one didn't make it. I decided since it is so hot, that I didn't want her to have to take care of them, plus I didn't want to risk losing any. I brought them into the house for a few weeks until they are bigger. Then they will go back outside. Our suspicions are that the eggs in the nest are Hazel and Agnes' only, since it's their nest. So now we have *mutt* chickens but that is fine with us.

Today we added two new dairy does to our herd of goats. This makes three milking does for next spring. The two that we got today are in milk, though are not huge producers, but a good start for us. We will likely add a couple more, as well.

This is Tootsie. She was a year old in March. She's so sweet!!

This is CindyLou. Not her *real* registered name, but it's what we are calling her. It sounds very similar to her registered name, so it works. She is three years old.

This is Sandy. She is the baby we got a week and a half ago. She is four months old. She ADORES Felicity.

Starting tomorrow, no more store bought milk for our family!!

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