Monday, July 25, 2011

Help Us Name Our Farm - Win $25

Since we now have Sandy (our new dairy goat doe) that needs to have her registration completed, we must finalize the *formal* name for our farm/homestead/ranch(ette).

This has been such a difficult task for us. In past years, naming online businesses and blogs has been especially easy for me. Don't know why naming our farm is giving me difficulty.

We have the following children and animals with something special about them:

Two children with special needs (autism and Aspergers).
Two chickens that both have the ends of their middle toes missing.
A poodle that was seriously abused and is also loosing her vision.
A goat that is blind.
A cat that is geriatric and getting around more and more slowly every day.
Future children that will have been abused and possibly be medically fragile or special needs.

So do you see where I am going with this? We have decided that we would like to name our farm something that incorporates *special* or *unique*, etc in the name.

Then there are the terms "farm", "farms", "acres", "homestead", "ranch", etc.

More info to help:

Our house, at the present time is a old, very small, manufactured home. We will be replacing it with one two times larger later this fall or in the winter.
We will stay on this land; it is 1.17 acres. Eventually we hope to buy an adjoining acre if it were to become available.
We live in the Texas Panhandle, between the cities/towns of Amarillo and Canyon.
We plan on more dairy goats; breeding and for milk.
We will be breeding a few heritage/endangered breeds of chickens. Selling live birds and hatching eggs.
We have laying hens and are selling fresh eggs.
We will grow our own fresh foods in our garden.
We may get a milk cow and grow our own beef.

We'd like people to know, right off the bat from the name, that we are a place with some special kids and some special critters.

Oh the decisions!

So what I am asking my readers is to leave comments with suggestions. Please also spread the word about this, as we are asking for all the help with this that we can get.
Disclosure: By suggesting names, you agree that our family, the Harrett's, will have full use of, rights to and ownership of the name and that the name is not a registered copyright or trademark to any other farm, ranch or business to the best of your knowledge.

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