Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hank and Katie

When we got the Buff Orpington chicks (full story to come), I had no intentions of keeping a Buff Orpington rooster. I planned on only keeping the hens out of the 5 we got, for yummy fresh eggs.

Well this handsome guy, we call him Hank, has totally won all our hearts. He is the sweetest thing since sweet cream :-)

He's about 8 weeks in the above photo. It was taken on Sunday.

Katie (my grown daughter) is living with us for now. She's quite smitten with Hank (and all the chickens, for that matter). She, Felicity and I are partners in crime with planning for our new chickens, turkeys and guineas.

As I have read and heard, Buff Orpingtons are absolutely the most docile, friendly and loving chickens! We love them!

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