Saturday, September 6, 2008

Two hospital stays and exhaustion

Typical of Gregory, when he gets sick with anything (even a cold), he stops eating and drinking. Dehydration is next, then off to the hospital for a few days of fluids and meds for whatever caused him to stop eating and drinking.

Last weekend, he started downhill. Sunday we were at the Doctor's office at 2pm. Ear infection and cold virus. She sent us home with antibiotics for the ear and told us to come back for follow-up on Monday at 10am to see if he had any improvement.

Monday at 10am, he was extremely dehydrated and off we went to the hospital. Fluids, bolists, meds...and he started drinking again on Tuesday. We were sent home on Wed.

By Thursday morning, Gregory wasn't drinking anything again...back to the Doctor's office and straight back into the hospital.

We got home tonight and I'm exhausted. We were home less than 24 hours between hospital stays.

This is a typical sceanario for Gregory, though, through the fall straight through to spring. We were just about a month early this year. lol

I'm exhausted...gotta love vitals every couple of hours through the entire night.

I've got a few posts planned for this week. Just need a good nights rest and clean up the house first.

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