Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rest in peace, Becky the Silkie

Monday, I totally messed up. We had the chickens out loose in the backyard "free ranging". Well, Margo and Bailey were at the door wanting out. I didn't even think!!! I just let them out and told them I'd be coming right out with them.

About five minutes later, I opened the sliding glass door to see Margo with Becky, dead, in her mouth. :-(

I know better! I just was totally not thinking. I feel awful. Becky was so sweet.

Margo has always "watched" the chickens, ever since we got the first ones. Ugh. Who'd have thought my timid, shy little poodle would be a chicken killer?

Thank goodness, Felicity handled it very well. Of course, she's all for re-homing Margo, which we will not do. Margo just cannot be allowed outside when the chickens are out of their cages.

This was the last photo we had taken of her, Sunday evening.

Rest in Peace, Becky. You were truly loved by our family.

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