Friday, August 15, 2008

Changes again...

Well, after Mike pushed to get through his training (at the request of his District Supervisor) for promotion with TSC to Store Manager, now we're told, there's no place we could transfer until maybe next spring. UGH.

So we're here, in Amarillo, indefinitely. It's fine, though. A great opportunity has opened up for Gregory through the place he goes for all of his therapies, so we have decided staying here as long as necessary is a good thing. He will be attending preschool, as well as all of his therapies. Four days a week, 9-12. It's really good for Gregory.

We will continue to homeschool Felicity. She will be participating in 4-H, soccer, and Girl Scouts. There's even a Girl Scout troop in each level here that is mainly homeschooled girls. She'll be able to make all kinds of new homeschooled friends!

There's an equine rescue about 5 minutes from our house that Felicity and Katie (my grown daughter) are going to volunteer. They are thrilled! They both adore horses!

We FINALLY found a Catholic church where we are comfortable. It took 2 years, but the Parish in Canyon, TX, is about 10 minutes from us and it's a very comfortable place. Lots of "country folk" there and not "hoity-toity" as we have felt the others we attended here in the Amarillo area were.

Katie has decided she wants to finish her Senior year of school (finally). We are researching an online high school that's specialty is helping kids finish high school online. She will be able to get an actual diploma, not having to take the GED.

Gregory was approved for his MDCP program, which provides paid respite care for him to give me a break to work, clean house, etc. Katie has been hired to be his care provider. She's making really good money, paid through Gregory's program, but technically, she works for me, I am her employer, but she's paid through the agency. She's living with us again, as well. It's working out well.

We plan to add to our little farm soon. We will be getting more chickens in the next few weeks. We will also be adding guinea to our brood. Guinea are excellent at keeping away snakes, mice and bugs. Turkeys will also be coming along soon, too.

As soon as we get the pen built, we will be getting a few goats. Not only for companionship, but Felicity will be able to show them in 4H competition, and also to help with the grass/weed mowing lol.

Felicity is talking about wanting a pig to raise/show. Not sure if we're there yet.

So...that's some updates for now.

Have a great Sunday!

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