Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Our World Today

Everywhere you's "more", "bigger", "better", "faster".

You can have this and that and the more of it you have, the better.

Then there is the "always have to be quicker, faster and EASIER" way to do things. Fast food, microwaves, quick short cuts....

Gotta have the bigger house, bigger car, bigger yard.....bigger, better, more more more!


These words are terrible in the mind of a person with obsessive personality behaviors. Whether formally diagnosed or not, one can identify if they have obsessive tendencies.

I have them.

I am ready to end them, at least get them under control.

Quilters call their love of fabric and continuing to purchase fabric even if they don't have a specific project for it their "stash".

Knitters and crocheters-the same with yarn.

Along with any hobbies.....there's the books, patterns and magazines to taunt one, as well.

Just think of all the money tied up/invested in thousands of yards of fabric....yes, I have do so many people.

THEN.....there's the collectables. I have seen some people that collect things and OH MY GOSH! I just shake my head. But then, looking at my fabrics, yarn, books, and kitchen things.....I shouldn't be shaking my head..... I am just like those people. But I don't "do" collectables, per se.

I come from a line of women that have this thing for dishes and kitchenware. Now just how many sets of dishes does one household need anyway?  I have three sets. One set was my Mother's (that I have never used since inheriting them in 1984), one was my "good" dishes (that I have never used) when I married my ex-husband 13 years ago. The third is the dishes we use every day. This is INSANE! Not only dishes...but bowls, bake ware, silver serving pieces, glassware. My mother had lots of these things, and my sisters and I have just let it trickle on down the line.

Our genetics just drive us to wanting more STUFF! It has exhausted me. I hate it!


Yes, nice things are pretty, don't get me wrong. But one can have pretty things that they enjoy having around without having SO MUCH OF THEM.

I can so understand those hoarding shows! Hoards like that don't just happen overnight. They take years. It's begins gradually, then grows and grows. I know I could be there easily in a few years. I have been in a position over the past few years, that I don't know where or how to start. That is how, I think, hoarding begins. I look around and don't know what to do first, or next, so I just quit. Then more "stuff" piles up and up and up! Yep, I understand hoarders.

The constant feeling of being overwhelmed is terrible.

It stops now. I have begun to lighten my load.

I am ready for less. Less of everything possession wise. Possessions are just things and things are not what is important in life. All I need is my husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends. Those are the things we cannot live without. Those are the things that are important in life.

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  1. You are so right! what a way to suffocate relationships! Thanks for telling me about your blog! Blessings!