Thursday, May 2, 2013


Fabric organization and de-stashing has commenced!

I saw this idea on Pinterest a couple of months ago.


I ordered the cards from Amazon in January, (Ultra Pro Golden Age Size Comic Boards (100 Pack))and finally got started yesterday.

So far it is working splendidly!

I haven't even made a tiny dent. This is just one shelf, I have done two. I have used nearly the entire package of 100 boards. Ordering more today. I am putting pieces that are more than one yard on the boards. One yard and smaller pieces will be folded and put into stacks on other shelves. So far, I have cleared out just part of what was in our closet and a cabinet in our bedroom. In the storage shed, there is a line of boxes and plastic tubs full of fabric. The wall is eight feet wide, eight feet tall and the boxes are one, sometimes two deep along the entire wall, all the way to the ceiling.  This is serious, friends. I have to get this all organized, inventoried and get a good bit of it sold off. There is no way in the world I will ever use this fabric all up!

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