Sunday, October 9, 2011

So much has happened

I won't go into the details right now, but our foster sons are no longer with us. There were many things that contributed to our decision, and it was such a hard decision to make.

The day after the boys left, I slept nearly all day and part of the next day. As of right now, Mike has slept 13 hours straight! To say we were exhausted is obviously putting it mildly. We didn't realize how drained we had become.

Will we continue on our foster parenting journey? That remains to be seen. If we do, we will be much more selective as to what children we agree to accept.

When we moved into this little house, we wanted our foster children to have as much space as possible, and were hoping to get our allowed number of 3 kiddos, so Mike and I took the smallest bedroom and put children in the master bedroom.  After realizing that we wouldn't be getting a 3rd child any time soon, at least until we had adopted the boys, Mike and I could stand it no longer ( we were in a bedroom that is 7.5' x 11') and decided to move the boys into a secondary bedroom and we would move to the master bedroom. We had the move planned for this weekend (even before we made the decision about the boys), and despite our tiredness, we switched rooms on Friday night. The house is still in shambles and I hope to get everything straight and put back away today.

Felicity and Gregory are much happier, now that they have Momma and Daddy back to themselves.

Two weeks ago we added two new dogs to our menagerie. They are Mike's dogs. He needed a "man's dog" to hang out with, and since all 3 of our other dogs are little dogs, he never felt like they were "his". We adopted brother puppies. They are Blue Heeler mix, we think with Bloodhound. They are great and we all love them.

We also added 7 new Seramas to our flock. They came from New York state and arrived on Thursday. They are silkied Seramas and I had never seen them before, but I LOVE them!  We plan to grow a decent size flock of Seramas, not just for pets, but for breeding and showing. The photo below is one that the previous owner sent to me showing me the birds. We have named this gorgeous fellow "Denton".

The name I have given our Serama flock is "Yellow Rose Seramas". I have started the flock blog, too. Be sure to head over there and "like" them. The plan is that all of our Seramas will be named after Texas cities, counties or well known people from Texas.

I will share photos of the new dogs and Seramas as soon as I can find my camera cable to transfer the photos to my computer.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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