Monday, October 24, 2011

Exciting news and crocheting

First off I have to tell you all....

My very first grand-child will be born in March!! A Grand-daughter, her name will be Madeline Jeaux (we are originally from Louisiana, can you tell?). I'm already making lots of beautiful things for her. It kinda feels weird thinking about being a Grandmother, when I still have littles at home. I'm beginning to get excited, though.


Since things have calmed down around our house, I'm enjoying my crochet and sewing once again. I've been busy the past week making "Woolies", in layman's terms, wool diaper soakers (covers). I so adore making these, and the three pictured below will be stocked in my (other) etsy store today or tomorrow.

This etsy store will be for my handmade goodies and move out all the excess fabric, craft supplies and books I have accumulated over the past years. I just have way too much and am ready to reduce all the STUFF I have in this house. My motto has become "use it up or ship it out".

These are wool shorties I made for my grand-daughter due in March. My daughter plans to use cloth diapers at least part time, but she can still use these are shorts when Maddie is wearing yucky disposable diapers.

These will be for sale in my etsy store:

I have more made, just haven't taken photos. They will appear in the store later this week, along with loads of other goodies.


  1. Hey hey now!!! I'm going to try to cloth most of the time!!:)

  2. Those are ADORABLE Amy, you've been a busy lady :)

    Congratulations on being a grandma, how exciting :)

  3. Very cute! Have you ever tried making "skirties?" Super cute for little girls!

  4. Amy-I have the pattern that goes with my soaker pattern for the skirtie, just haven't done one. I've been making the soakers and longies for many years; I just love them and working with wool yarn and lanolin :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!