Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glorious Snow!!!

The first snow of the year started falling in the wee early hours of the morning today! At 9 am, we are expecting another 1-2 inches and that's just fine with me. The weather is one of the main reasons we stay in the Texas Panhandle. We have four true seasons here and it is wonderful, especially considering I grew up in a place that had nearly no spring or fall, llllooonnnnnggggg summer and almost no winter. Central Louisiana. Then I spent many years in the Houston, TX area. Weather was the same. So to have the seasons is something amazing for me.

I took these photos this morning out our front and back doors. I wasn't out of my night clothes yet, so wasn't about to trek out into the snow.

All is quiet in the barn. We have all of the Seramas in the house, using the dog's crates for cages. We weren't ready for the cold yet, and their coop isn't weatherized yet. Mike's two dogs (puppies) are in the house, too. Even though they are big, they are only 5-6 months old and not ready to stay out in the cold and elements yet. He doesn't agree, but Momma says they come indoors.

Now Felicity, Gregory and I are going to watch a movie, snuggle and watch the snow continue to fall. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! Snow in Texas?! I live in Canada and we haven't even had our first snowfall yet!

    I was pleased to discover your blog through the Raising Homemakers link-up and will be following. It seems we have similar interests!

  2. Hi Jacinda! Welcome and I'm so glad to have new followers! I'm following you, now, too!