Monday, May 30, 2011

Windy Memorial Day

To all that have fought for our freedom, including my husband, Mike; Thank you!

What are you doing this Memorial Day? We are praying for rain and for the insane winds to finally stop. It is always pretty windy here in the Texas Panhandle in the spring. Normally, by now, the really high winds are gone for the summer. This year has been so different. As I look out the window, the winds are blowing around 35-40 mph, with gusts around 50 mph. It's just awful!

Yesterday there were several wildfires in our area. The worst one (photo above) was in the neighborhood where we lived when first moving to Amarillo. The insane winds make the fires so much worse because they can get out of control in a matter of minutes.

Please say a prayer for all of us experiencing drought; that God will send his glorious rain to us.

Happy Memorial Day Monday.

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