Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fresh eggs and chickens

I managed to find a cord so I could download photos from my camera, finally.

This morning, I washed up our first dozen fresh eggs from the hens! What a wonderful thing to be supplying some of our own food now.

I have many things to catch up here on my blog, but wanted to share some photos of our sweet chickens. Of course, our Seramas are our favorites. Seramas have such wonderful personalities and make fantastic pets!

This is Roosevelt. He's the most amazing fella!

This is Eleanor. She and Roosevelt are our original pair of Serama that we hatched January 2, 2010.

Now I have to tell you about this next little man. His name is Travis. Eleanor hatched him on Dec. 29 and he was the only egg to hatch, so he got LOTS of handling and attention. He is rotten to the core. He thinks he is a house pet. When someone opens the back door, he starts running from the barn toward the house. He ALWAYS wants to be sitting in my lap. I just love this little man to death.

Darla has been sitting on one egg for nearly three weeks, so I am expecting a new baby Serama any day. So excited!

 When we moved in, the seller left his two hens for us. We named them Agnes and Hazel. We think they are around 5 years old, but just not sure. The day we moved in, the neighbors' dog got them and traumatized them. We didn't get any eggs until this past week. Now they are laying eggs like crazy. Here's a photo; Agnes on the left and Hazel on the right. Not too easy to see them, but they are getting more tame every day.

This is a Black Crested White Polish baby chick. It is 5 weeks old. Isn't it cute? Right now I call it *Mohawk* but we will come up with something more appropriate. We have two more of these chicks, they are 3 weeks old.

Gotta run for now, just wanted to put up a quick post. Have a great weekend!

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