Friday, June 13, 2008

Out our back door

Aside from the flat, flat (did I say flat?) landscape that surrounds us here on our 6 acres, there are many things we love to watch out our back door.

Sunsets to die for!

Adorable Prairie Dogs! Last count was 16!! They are cute and adorable, but really tear up the terrain. There are little hills all over the place. They have gotten so used to us that they are moving their hills closer and closer to the fenced in portion of our back yard. It's so fun, especially in the morning, to hear them chittering and chatting amongst themselves.

Let me tell you!!! The Jack Rabbits here are HUGE! They must weigh an easy 15 pounds full grown. Now, those ears. Nothing can describe those tremendous ears those rabbits have to carry around on their heads. They must be 6-7 inches long! The rabbits are also getting used to us being here and come closer and closer to the fenced portion of the back yard. Last count was, I think, 7-8 grown ups and a couple of babies.

Even though we don't plan to stay here past the end of our lease in October, we do enjoy the "scenery" out our back door.

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