Saturday, June 28, 2008

Silkies are here!!!

I picked up our trio of Silkies this morning! Felicity wanted to name them. Their names (from top to bottom in this photo) are: Becky, Bonnie and Benny.

I've never been around Silkies before, but the make the neatest noises. Becky is the largest and is covered in her new soft feathers, though they are still on the thin side. Bonnie and Benny have skin showing (yes, their skin is black) but they are feathering in nicely.

As soon as I put them in their coop, they started scratching around. They haven't even explored their entire coop yet, they have been busy in the back part, which is the coop. The front 2/3 is the run. We sill have to put the lattice top on the run. Can't leave it open because of hawks. We will finish that up this weekend.

Here's the almost finished coop we built. We decided, since bantams are small, to keep it short, and make a combination coop/tractor. It has all the luxuries of a regular coop, with the ease of movement of a chicken tractor.

We created a track on the front of the coop end, so in winter, we can slide a "wall" with a door cutout over the front, to keep it warmer in the coop. The roof portion over the back of the coop is on hinges and opens for ease of collecting eggs. The top lattice will work much the same way over the run.

The windows will be finished with wood around them and will have attached shutters that will open and close, depending on the needs and weather. The nest boxes are along this back wall.

One more shot of the Silkies!

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