Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Light bulb goes off - Elevated Plant Stand

The other day, I was assessing the situation with my house plants. I have four African Violets and they do best right beside my window in the kitchen. BUT I cannot seem to get them in the precise place to get enough sun. So, I balanced two of them in the window sill and the other two on top of jars. guessed it, they kept getting knocked over.

UNTIL.....I remembered the tall "Carousel Candlestick" I purchased years ago from Southern Living at Home, when I was a consultant for them. So I balanced the larger violet on top of that and it worked better, but not perfect.

Here's where the light bulb went off.

The salad size plate that I got in my consultant kit with Southern Living at Home....I had never figured out anything to do with it (for 11 years!). Voile'!!!!!

Glue them together and make them into an elevated plant stand!

So I did! I had some E-6000 adhesive from a different project I had done, so I used it. I put a thin bead of the E-6000 on both the candlestick and the plate.

I let it dry to get a bit tacky, then put them together after about 2-3 minutes.

I love it! I am so thrilled that I finally figured out something to do with these two pieces.

I grabbed something close with a little weight to it to keep the pressure steady. (That is a jar with chick grit in it for my Serama babyies that live in the house).

And I actually thought to get out my level to be sure it dries flat and level.

I let it dry for 24 hours and ta-dah!

I just adore this piece! I am now on the hunt for more candlesticks and mis-matched plates to make more of these elevated plant stands!

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