Monday, April 2, 2012

Our new shed!

Thanks to my wonderful sweetie, David, I can now move some of the boxes that are tucked away in any spot possible into our new shed! Currently I have all of my holiday decoration tubs, etc, stored in the open storage shed and they get filthy in the Panhandle winds and dust. They go into the shed today after being cleaned and wiped down. I have literally dozens of boxes of fabric and yarn and other craft items that I have no space for in this tiny house. Plastic tubs of other goodies are piled in the dining room and a few in the family room. NO MORE! Today, they move to the shed and the humans can now enjoy living in more space!

The shed kit is from Lowe's and our son-in-law put it together. It is not painted yet, but will be in a week or two.

Once painted, it will have shutters on the window and more trim on the door to make it look more like a barn. It will also have skirting around the bottom. Don't want any critters or cats hiding under there to have their babies.

I didn't want to be walking on the bare wood, so I got the cheapest stick-down floor tiles and installed them myself. Me and my handy box cutter and abut 1.5 hours...done!

Gregory keeps wanting to move into it. He says it is his new room.

This great shed is something I have needed for a very long time. Thanks honey!


  1. I have New shed envy!
    I love it... I'm off to Lowes (online) to check these out!

    Our shed is almost falling down...sad.

    enjoy it! Pat

  2. It's beautiful!!! I hope you are doing well and enjoying Spring loveliness! :)