Monday, January 16, 2012

Wonderful changes for 2012

My life has taken a definite turn for the better in 2012! You can read all about it on my facebook page.

I am leaving behind my blogs and am staying over on Facebook, using it as a blog type function. I love the new Timeline layout that is on personal pages, it has such a bloggy feel.

I've not always been the best at posting on my blogs everyday like I really wanted to. I do, however, get on Facebook every day.

I know many have chosen to leave Facebook behind, as it tends to consume a lot of their time. I have found that since I am not a blogger that does really long posts and definitely not every day, staying with Facebook definitely fits what I want. I do not play any of the games and only stop in on Facebook when all of my chores for the day are done, or early in the morning before I start them.

Come on over there and if you are not already a *friend*, be sure to add me :-)

See you there!

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