Monday, August 22, 2011

just WOW!

Since I last posted, there have been so many changes in our family. Positive changes, but changes all the same.

We now have Bradley in our home permanently. We will be able to adopt he and Timothy as early as March 2012! Something happened with the home he was living at while he was here visiting us, so they decided to go ahead with his placement with us and he was placed immediately!

This made for more changes in our family, of course. We definitely knew that we didn't want him in public school, but until the adoption is final, we are not allowed to homeschool the foster/adopt children.

We applied for an exception for Timothy, so that he could attend the school at STS (where Gregory attends), due to his major Asperger's Syndrome. We got approval for that last Thursday. Just in the nick of time for school to start. This school's specialty is children with special needs (autism, Aspergers, CP etc)

We decided to enroll Bradley in St. Mary's Cathedral School (the parochial school at the Catholic church where we are attend.) With this, Felicity asked if she could attend St. Mary's, too. We couldn't tell her no.

St. Mary's had two half days of school last week, but just for "getting acquainted", etc. Both kids loved it!

Today was the first day of school for everyone. It went pretty smoothly this morning getting everyone ready, especially considering we have gone from two children to four children in less than 60 days, AND getting all of them up, fed and ready for school. I prepared 5 lunches, for Mike and each of the kids. We were only 3 minutes late getting out the door. Pretty good, I say.

Since Felicity is now attending school, I have no children at home during the day. This is a complete new experience for me. No work (outside the home or my own business), no kids, no homeschooling. Very strange for me - but I know I will adjust. I will love being able to keep the house tidy and clean, the laundry caught up and have some quiet time. Volunteer time at both schools will also occupy some of my time.

I've got many things I want to share on here, just haven't had time. I will be back soon with lots of posts. Just need to get the house squared away and take a deep breath. See you soon!


  1. Yahoo for time to breathe!

  2. Glad to hear things rolled out smoothly this morning. Congrats on your two new additions. Yall are in our prayers :).

  3. Sounds like a lot of changes indeed :) Awww you won't be using Connections Academy then?

    Enjoy your free time while the kids are at school. :)