Monday, December 15, 2008

Hatch update

It took me nearly 4 days to get the temps stable in my incubator. It would stabilize, then go crazy again. Now, it's stable for the third time and has been stable since Wednesday night.

I just got done candling all 12 remaining eggs (after one was dropped the other day).

The 1 Silkie feathered green egg layer...the shell has gotten so dense I can't tell anything except where the air sac is now. So I'm going to keep it in the bator full term. Does the dense/thick/opaque shell mean anything I should know about?

The 11 Frizzle eggs:
2 blood circles (dated 11/30 and 12/2). Blood circles means that a chick was developing and "quit" for unknown reasons.
3 clear (dated 11/29 and two from 11/30) I'm sure they were too old by the time I got my temps stable(for the 3rd and final time) Clear means the eggs were not fertile or nothing ever began to develop.

The other 6 are FANTASTIC!!!! Get this, one of the 11/29 ones, we're even thinking it might have 2 chicks in it!!! Either it's two or if it's one, it's pretty big and HATES the light. There was lots of swimming around when I was candling it. I'll look at it again tomorrow or Wednesday night to see if I can tell better for sure.

Mike even watched me candle the eggs and he's the one that first noticed I might have an egg with twins in it even before I did.

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