Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 12

We're down to five Frizzle eggs and one of the Silkie feathered green-egg layer eggs. Had another blood ring yesterday we had to toss out.

I do have more eggs coming from the same lady, DipsyDoodleDoo on BackyardChickens . They should arrive Friday/Saturday.

We are all getting excited about these babies hatching! It's so amazing to see them moving around within their shell when I candle them! My friend, Dorey, said I was creating my own baby ultrasound ;-)

We are in the last five hours of day 12. Click the link below to see a developing chick on each day.

Day by Day Unborn Chick Development

We've been really busy getting ready for Christmas! I've still got a few gifts yet to make for the kids, but I am confident I will get them done without stressing.

We bought new furniture for the family room yesterday!!! The first new furniture we've ever bought for the family room. We are all excited! I'll post photos in a few days after it is delivered and the room presentable.

Take Care!

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