Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gregory's photo shoot

Due to Gregory's autism, he's always been a little "puzzled" by the camera. He lets us take photos, and in the last several months, understands us when we tell him to "smile". He loves to look at photos on the computer screen, too.

Monday night we were outside in the backyard and Mike had the camera. Gregory was on the porch with Mike and Mike wanted to take a picture of him. Well, Gregory "kicked in" and turned it into a full out photo shoot! He hammed it up just as a non-special needs kiddo would.

Isn't he absolutely adorable? Blonde hair, blue eyes. What a handsome little guy!

Gregory is doing so well with therapy!! Today, during feeding therapy, he said "lick"!!! That's a word they use extensively in feeding therapy.

He's also starting to touch food items to his mouth, though won't actually bite them. But hey, anything is one step closer to him eating solid food and feeding himself, right?

Don't you just love his fashionable shoes??? :-)

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