Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We haven't seen the sun up here in the Texas Panhandle since Friday.

It has rained "cats and dogs" steadily for 4 days! This is so unreal for here. We are definitely not in a drought. Last I heard, 2 nights ago, Amarillo had a 3 inch surplus of rain.

We've had an early and WONDERFUL fall! Mild temperatures, fantastic fall flowers and the foliage is starting to turn.

Now it's cold! For 2 days, it didn't get out of the 40's for daytime high temperatures. That's crazy in mid-October. Locals are saying that this winter's going to be very wet, that we'll be getting lots of snow. Bring it on, baby!!! I love the snow!

Snow is long as it's followed by sunshine!

The sun is shining warmly today and we'll finally be getting out of the house! YAY!!!

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